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Passover Seder 2017

I hosted my annual seder.  Twelve years ago when I first went vegan, there were exactly two vegan passover cookbooks, and if you would enter “vegan passover” into a search engine, my blog would be one of the first entries to come up!  But now, there’s lot of options, lots of cookbooks, and plenty of great vegan recipes for Passover

We started with matza ball soup from Nava Atlas, the best vegan matza ball recipe around because the matza balls taste good and don’t fall apart in water as they do in some vegan recipes.

Gefilte ‘Fish’ — Maybe some things just should never be veganized.  I was never a big fan of gefilte fish even as an omnivore.  These actually came out quite good and were polished off, I added about half a cup of whole wheat matzah meal to make these patties a little firmer.

Spinach, leek and potato matzo gratin –  avocado and cashews make a perfect sauce for between the layers.  Recipe suggests adding Daiya vegan cheese — no need.

 Squash and roasted potatoes
“Bloody” potatoes — mashed potatoes with beets, and sweet potato, carrot, and apple kugel
Ratatouille — from the Vegan Start Passover Cookbook
Salad with candied walnuts and dried cranberries
My Plate
Desserts — Chocolate matzo loaf, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and fruit
Happy Passover!!!


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