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“Dr. Shenkman provides a proven and comprehensive plan to keep you at your peak fitness and, ultimately, put herself out of work! Her long years as a doctor and athlete add to the importance of this work. Share it widely with your friends and loved ones as I will.”

—Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, Author of The Plant-Based Solution

“If you don’t want to be another victim of the obesity and heart disease epidemic, then read this eye-opening, inspiring, and very practical book by Dr. Shenkman. You will quickly discover that we have so much more control over our health and destiny than we are led to believe once we have the right knowledge and tools. Reading this book will give you precisely what you need to turn your life and health around now and never look back—the comprehensive information in this book that Dr. Shenkman shares can literally add both years to your life and life to your years!”

—Steven Lawenda, MD, Family Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine

“There’s a movement afoot in healthcare to address cardiovascular disease at the root: our diets. And there’s no one better equipped to speak out about the deleterious effects of the standard American diet (appropriately abbreviated to SAD) than a cardiologist like Dr. Heather Shenkman. The evidence for the efficacy of dietary changes in the prevention and treatment of many diseases is clear, and now is the time to put plant-based diets on the forefront. This book not only clearly explains the case for eating more plant foods, but shows you how to do it. The Vegan Heart Doctor’s Guide is a gift to the world that can literally save lives!”

—Matt Ruscigno, MPH, RD, Chief Nutrition Officer at Nutrinic

“Diet is now the number-one cause of early death and disability in the United States. The beautiful message from that is we have much control over our health destiny based on what we put on the end of our fork. Dr. Shenkman provides a sound starting point with tools to empower patients to help reduce, and even prevent, symptoms and adverse health outcomes associated with cardiovascular disease.”

—Julieanna Hever, MS, RD, CPT, Author of the Plant-Based Nutrition Idiot’s Guide and The Vegiterranean Diet

“This book contains the words of a woman who has ‘done the work.’ Dr. Shenkman takes your hand and guides you through dramatic lifestyle changes in a completely digestible manner. Not one person who reads and follows the simple guidelines of this book will lack health ever again. From understanding matters of the heart from a clinical standpoint to choosing an appropriate exercise regime and adopting healthy eating habits, there is no stone left unturned. You will finish this book as a well-educated, motivated participant in your life, ready to take charge and live the life you were always meant to live.”

—Jess Gumkowski, Co-Founder of YogiTriathlete, Endurance Athlete, Podcast Host, Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator, and Author of YogiTriathlete Cookbook: High-Vibe Recipes for the Athlete Appetite

“Dr. Shenkman has done it! Heed the words in this book as you would passages in the Bible; they are that important. I should know. I became the first male in my family in three generations to reach the age of fifty and finally break free from our heart disease curse, and it is all thanks to Dr. Shenkman. Bravo!”

—Derek Gray, Certified Personal Trainer, Author of When We Were Five and How to Stop Being Lazy and Start Living Healthy

“Dr. Shenkman personally provided me with life-changing information and support after the discovery of my nearly fatal cardiovascular disease. With a small dose of self-discipline, this book provides all the information you’ll need to put you on a path to a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life!”

—Michael Richardson