Dr. Shenkman — an interventional and preventive approach to cardiology

A personal approach to cardiovascular health

Dr. Shenkman — an interventional and preventive approach to cardiology

After practicing cardiology in the Los Angeles area for eleven years, Dr. Shenkman now treats patients at her new full-service practice in Tarzana.

Dr. Shenkman offers conventional medical treatment for all stages of heart disease and related conditions that often lead to heart disease. She also incorporates a whole-person approach that encourages lifestyle changes including plant-based food choices and regular movement to keep the heart healthy.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a heart condition, or you are concerned about your risk factors for heart disease, we provide individual attention to help you be as health as you can.


We are a full-service cardiology practice. While we pride ourselves in a whole-person approach to health, Dr. Shenkman offers a variety of services for your health.

About The Book

The Whole-Hearted Approach to Treating Cardiac Disease You’ve Been Waiting For

If you suffer from heart disease, you are all too familiar with the standard treatment plan of pills, doctor’s appointments, and tests. But interventional cardiologist Heather Shenkman, MD, FACC, says what happens inside medical offices and hospitals is only a tiny part of what it really takes to heal heart disease.

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