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We are a full-service cardiology practice. While we pride ourselves in a whole-person approach to health, Dr. Shenkman offers the following services:

Exercise testing – walking on a treadmill, while connected to electrodes measuring the electrical rhythm of your heart, while assessing your blood pressure response to exercise

Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) – electrical tracing of your heart rhythm

Stress testing – Exercise testing with ultrasound images of the heart

Echocardiography – Ultrasound images of the heart to assess the pumping strength of the heart,

Cardiac catheterization and angioplasty – invasive procedure to evaluate the arteries of the heart, and potentially open a severely blocked artery

Blood pressure management – discussion of lifestyle and adjustment of medications to optimize blood pressure control

Heart disease screening – evaluating your risk of developing heart disease

Heart disease risk factor management – comprehensive evaluation of your risk factors of heart disease, and a plan of action, with lifestyle and/or medications to reduce your risk

Sports cardiovascular risk screening – evaluating your heart risk prior to participation in competitive sports

Heart disease in women – Women have a unique risk profile and often less typical symptoms for heart disease.

Medically supervised weight loss – For those patients with heart ailments, we can work together and formulate a plan for gradual and sustained weight loss.